Gift Planning: How to Give

Charitable Gift Annuities

In 1843, we pioneered the annuity giving plan, providing annuitants with fixed, stable income payments for life. Today, when you contribute to an annuity, you work with a noncommissioned advisor to create a feeless plan that will reduce your current and future taxes.

Wills and Estate Planning

By making future plans for your estate—and considering American Bible Society as a beneficiary in your will—you have the opportunity to make an eternal difference with your assets.

Outright Cash Gifts

By giving marketable securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual fund shares, you can see your giving in action in the U.S. and around the world while benefiting from tax planning opportunities.

Charitable Trusts

Set up a charitable trust and convert non-income producing assets to a significant lifetime income, gain the ability to carefully manage your legacy and have the opportunity to reduce the taxes on income, estate and capital gains.

When planning a meaningful gift with our financial partners, we hold onto the old adage: “a little planning goes a long way.” Charitable gift plans not only present American Bible Society with a charitable gift, but also provide our financial partners with many great tax benefits, reliable lifetime income and the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy.

Start building your legacy today. 

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