Gift Planning: What to Give

By making a thoughtful planned gift, you extend your impact beyond a traditional donation, and you may also reserve important benefits for you and your loved ones. Stocks and bonds, IRAs, real estate, personal property—our giving options provide the flexibility to leave a lasting impact with your assets. Discover the option that suits you best.

Stocks, Investment Accounts and Bonds

Receive a charitable income tax deduction, and avoid paying capital gains tax, by giving stocks, mutual funds, ETFs or bonds. Simply transfer shares of one or more publicly traded securities to American Bible Society, customize your gift and help spread God’s Word for years to come.


Cash gifts offer the quickest turnaround—and immediately work to spread God’s Word around the world. Instead of transferring assets for a future gift, this option delivers resources for the here and now.


If your existing life insurance policy has outlasted its original purpose, consider designating American Bible Society as the plan’s owner and beneficiary. Whether we keep the policy until maturity, or redeem the policy for its full value, your generous gift will result in a charitable income tax deduction. You may also choose to keep the ownership, but make our ministry the beneficiary.

IRAs and Retirement Plans

Making American Bible Society the beneficiary of a retirement plan or IRA enables you to turn any unused retirement assets into a way to share the Gospel around the world. Avoid potential estate tax—and very heavy income taxes on retirement assets—by designating American Bible Society as the beneficiary of your IRA.  As a non-profit organization inheriting your retirement assets, our ministry will not need to pay the taxes either!

Real Estate

Whether you’re ready to donate your investment property, or would like to pass along a portion of your property, the gift of real estate will leave a legacy and benefits beyond your lifetime. An independent appraisal enables you to base your donation on fair market value, resulting in a charitable income tax deduction. If handled properly with our help, capital gains taxes may also be avoided.