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In 1816, pastors and laymen representing a variety of Christian denominations gathered in New York City to establish an organization “to disseminate the Gospel of Christ throughout the habitable world.” Since that time, American Bible Society (ABS) has continued to provide God’s Word wherever it is needed and in the language and format the reader can most easily understand and afford. ABS is committed to promoting personal engagement with the Holy Scriptures with the goal of changing lives

Over the past four decades, ABS has been steadily building a strong relationship with the Greek Orthodox Church in the United States and in Greece, along with the Hellenic Bible Society. Beginning with the Come Receive the Light Bible in the 1980s and continuing with The Children’s Bible Reader, the Orthodox Military Bible and the Orthodox Youth Bible, the partnership between ABS and the Greek Orthodox Church continues to strengthen with each ministry initiative.

Completed Projects

Children's Bible Reader - English Edition-100x146.Children’s Bible Reader: The Archdiocese’s Department of Internet Ministries converted the best selling Children’s Bible Reader into an E-Book format in both English and Greek. An interactive flash based online version http://cbr.goarch.org gives children an interactive experience of the most popular Bible stories. The stories are accompanied with an audio track, beautiful drawings, and interactive games.

Greek-2-60x83.Orthodox Youth Bible: The first ever Orthodox Youth Bible was completed with a generous grant from FAITH: The Archbishop Iakovos Leadership 100 Endowment Fund. The Bible was part of a gorgeously packaged kit containing the “Essential 100” scripture verses (50 from the Old Testament and 50 from the New Testament) to help young people learn key lessons. Also included in this kit is an Orthodox calendar and a moderator discussion guide. These kits were distributed to Archdiocesan camps in the USA and to Ionian Village in Greece. They have also been used by the GOYA and Sunday Schools in many Metropolises.   

Bibles for the Fire Victims in Greece: The Greek Orthodox Archdiocese partnered with ABS and the Hellenic Bible Society to provide more than 10,000 New Testaments to fire victims in Greece through a matching gift program.

Military-60x84.Orthodox Military New Testament and Psalms: This New Testament and Psalms edition has been printed for the more than 25,000 Orthodox Service personnel serving in the US Military.


Current and Future Projects

Bible for Orthodox Christians: Thanks to a generous grant from the Leadership 100 Endowment Fund, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and the American Bible Society (ABS) will publish the first-ever Bible for Orthodox Christians during the second half of 2014. This edition will allow parishes to use milestone events as an opportunity to gift the Scriptures.

Children's stories: In coordination with the Hellenic Bible Society, the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America and ABS are developing English translations of the parables of Christ retold in contemporary stories. The Archdiocese is helping to develop interactive, digital editions of these contemporary parables to reach children through their digital devices such as the iPhone and iPad.

Orthodox Prison Bible: This first-ever Prison Bible for Orthodox Christians will contain articles and other ministry tools for incarcerated people along with devotionals, prayers and topics for group discussion.

Orthodox Study Bible: This Orthodox Study Bible is being developed by a team of both New and Old Testament Orthodox scholars. This Bible study tool will be useful for Orthodox Christians all over the world.

Today's Greek Septuagint Translation: The Hellenic Bible Society is working on the translation of the Septuagint text into modern Greek. It is an essential work for Greece for three basic reasons:

First, the Septuagint is the official Old Testament text used in the Orthodox Church.

Second, the Greek used in the Septuagint is more difficult and predates the Greek used in the New Testament.

Third, translating the Septuagint into modern Greek will make the salvation history stories, psalms, proverbs, prophetic books of the Old Testament, and the theology of the Orthodox Church more readily available to the average person.


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