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We pray for people who

Are waiting to read Jesus's words in their heart languageā€“the language they think in, dream in, pray in.

Jin lives in a small Chinese village. She doesn't understand why Jesus can't speak to her in her heart language. When she tries to read his words in the dominant language of her country, they look like words from a secret codebook. She feels forgotten.

Carry the burden of trauma and have not discovered how to bring their pain to Jesus and find healing at the cross.

David feels trapped in a jail in Omaha, far from his family. He is regularly deprived of food and bullied by violent inmates. When he tries to read the Bible's promises, he feels like Jesus's love isn't for him. He senses a wall between him and God. He believes Jesus could never love him because of his past.

Are curious to discover how the Bible can change their lives and communities in America today.

Deborah wants a divorce. She goes to church sometimes, but she doesn't feel she belongs there. She's afraid of being judged and doesn't know how to look for God's Word for answers to her anxiety and marriage problems.

We share the hope of God's Word with people like Jin, David, and Deborah.

It's hard work.

We can't do it alone.

For over 200 years, American Bible Society has empowered people around the world to discover God's Word for themselves. Our prayers are powerful. They will be even more powerful if you join us.

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