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Stewardship Report

American Bible Society exists to help people experience God through the Bible. Through our ministries and partnerships, we equip the global church to share the Bible’s message of hope with people around the world.

Our annual Stewardship Report offers updates on our ministries, programs, and partnerships—sharing influential stories, financial reports, and more. You can journey through the latest report below.

For two centuries, our life-changing impact has been made possible by the generosity of thousands of partners like you. We are committed to providing you with a confidence-inspiring donation process so that you can be certain that your gift is supporting critical Bible ministry for people around the world. To that end, we hold ourselves and our financial reporting to the high standards set up these independent third-party organizations:

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American Bible Society is a Christian nonprofit helping all people experience God through the Bible since 1816.

Bible Translation

We translate the Bible into every language, for every person. We are leaders and pioneers in the Bible translation movement, and we have committed to a bold strategy to translate the Bible into every living language by 2033. Because we believe the Bible is for all people, our translation ministry includes audio and video Bibles, sign language Bibles, braille Bibles, and Bible resources that contextualize the gospel message for diverse cultures and traditions around the world. Our innovative translation framework allows us to accurately and efficiently translate first Bibles, study Bibles, and modern language Bibles for the next generation.

Bible Distribution

We distribute the Bible with the aim of placing God’s Word into hands and hearts of all people searching for truth. Since our founding, we have distributed more than 6.9 billion Bibles around the world. Often, our Bible distribution ministry leads us to the frontlines of conflict, war, terrorism, natural disasters, and other humanitarian crises. We joyfully partner with local Bible Societies ministering in more than 240 countries and territories around the world to ensure efficient distribution through the local community. Our Bible Society partners are experts on their nations’ church cultures and help us respond to the real-time Scripture needs of local believers.

Bible Engagement

Our research and experience show that engaging with the Bible transforms our lives. Bible engagement makes us more generous, more empathetic, more loving toward our neighbors, and more hopeful about our future. We engage people with the Bible by providing resources and experiences that help people live out the truths of Scripture. Our daily devotionals, prayer guides, Bible stories, and teachings are uniquely tailored to a beautifully diverse audience of seekers. These Bible resources are contextualized for everyone from U.S. Military members to displaced children desperate to know the love of God.

Bible Restoration

The Bible restores broken hearts. Our trauma healing ministry helps people in crisis find peace through the power of Scripture. Developed in the Democratic Republic of the Congo to help people rebuild in the aftermath of war and genocide, our Bible-based trauma healing ministry has helped thousands of people work through their pain in light of the Gospel. We combine mental health best practices with the power of God’s Word. By engaging with the Bible’s healing words in safe, small group settings, people are guided to give their pain to Jesus and begin the journey of reclaiming their joy.

Bible Advocacy

We advocate for the Bible as the living Word of God and our surest source of truth. We believe the Bible’s message of love should guide each of us in our personal lives and relationships, and we believe the Bible’s call for justice should serve as the foundation of every civil institution. We honor America’s heritage of faith and celebrate the Bible’s role in inspiring the men and women who founded our great nation through the Faith and Liberty Initiative. We champion the Bible cause—uplifting the timeless message of God’s Word and advancing conversations around the Bible in the public sphere.